We connect Korea to buyers and sellers around the world, empowering people & creating economic opportunity for all who believes in the value of Korean products.

TAGT is a company that builds one-of-a-kind business experience. We value quality, creativity, and growth above all things. We determined that our noble cause is to craft and offer incomparable products and services. Our star logo symbolizes a beautiful metamorphosis of three As. We are inspired by our humble beginnings with the power of the highest value on the play cards, the aces.

We specialize in Supply and Distribution, OEM, Retail and Franchise, Ecommerce Mobility


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July 2014
TAGT Co., Ltd was founded in Seoul, South Korea
May 2015
Yonjikonji ecommerce portal was launched
December 2016
Distribution to Duty Free Philippines was launched
February 2017
TAGT starts global distribution at major online and offline stores in Asia
September 2018
TAGT started global distribution to major online and online retailers in the US
July 2019
TAGT started distribution to major online and offline retailers in the US and Middle East

Our Expertise

Our expertise includes with global ecommerce, are supply and distribution of major Korean brands to online and offline retailers around the world. From sourcing to shipping and local regulatory compliance, we can position your brand to the leading supply chains around the world.


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