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By ordering from this site you understood and accepted the terms and conditions of delivery stated herein.

General terms and conditions

All items posted are authentic sourced directly from brand owners and manufacturers. We do not sell fake products.

Please check the Shipping menu for available shipping methods to your country.

1. All international orders will be shipped by any of the logistics provider we mutually agreed.

2. All prices listed in this site are FOB (Free on Board). Shipping fee and customs clearing fee or import taxes, depends on each country destination and shall be shouldered by the customer. Actual customs duties vary with each country.

3. For testers and trial kits items, this category is very limited and maybe out of stock even after payment. We do not guarantee stock of testers and trial kits. In case of non-delivery, we will refund payments for NCV items.



1. Most Korean product are fast moving. If a product has no indicated price, you may click the 'Request for Quote' button. And we will get back to you with quote price within 24-48 hours.

2. If you have trouble registering. Please pm, email or call us we will create access for you. You may also use the chat button on the site to speak with our customer service officer.

Customer Service: Tel No. +82 70 4258 4584 - M-F 10:00AM -6:00PM Korea Standard Time) Email: cio@tagt.co.kr

3. Stocks of sample, testers and trial kits are limited and depends on the availability of manufacturer. We do not guarantee stocks of sample and trial sizes.

4. Cancellation of order is only allowed if the order is not yet submitted to the head office.

5. Customer cannot cancel order by default. Please call or send us a message for any cancellation request. Order is valid unless you requested for cancellation.


Price Tier

Wholesale feature of Yonjikonji website is based on manufacturers minimum packing and varies depending on brand. Wholesale is based on the tier pricing and there is a table of qty that shows wholesale quantity and pricing.


How to Order

1. Please check delivery schedule before you order.

2. Check out products you want to buy.

3. Pay your order. Upload your payment slip at ‘My Account’-> ‘Upload Files’ -> Upload Payment Slip’.

4. Pay on or before the payment deadline– your FINAL invoice will be available for download at your ‘My Account’-> ‘Upload Files’ -> ‘Download Final Invoice’ then upload your final payment slip at your ‘My Account’ -> ‘Upload Files’ –> ‘Upload Payment Slip’.


Paying for your order

By default, we do not accept payment before we verify that the product you want to buy is available from the supplier. With this regard, we will send you first a Proforma Invoice to confirm that the products you selected are available. You may check the available payment methods here.


General shipping terms

1. Unless expired or wrong, we will not accept returns or refund after the product has been shipped to you. Any concerns that require refunds, adjustments or returns shall only be fulfilled seven (7 days) from ‘Received by’ customer date. It is customers responsibility to return the products to the point of origin for any reason of dispute. Depending on circumstances, TAGT will only refund refund costs and payment fee charges if the product is expired or wrong .

3. CCTV Recordings are available for checking any concerns regarding order fulfillment.

4. Shipping term is FOB Korea (Free on-Board Korea). The product ownership is transferred to you from port of dispatch in Busan South Korea.

5. Order is automatically cancelled if payment has not been made within the payment deadline. For nonpayment of balance, routing and repacking of partially paid parcels may take up to 2-3 weeks delay.

6. Product prices change for many factors (e.g supplier initiated or changed, exchange rate differences etc.) we won’t refund any claims for previous pricing differences.

7. Customs schedules and local warehouse movement depends customs processing in each country. There may be delays in customs releasing.

8. Due to volume of products and our sources are first level of distribution, there might be OUT OF STOCK situations which are totally out of our hands. We will refund any out of stock items.

9. We reserve the right to block all joy reservers, unreasonable, abusive, irresponsible, bogus or scam buyers/user accounts without notice

10. We attend to you inquiry as soon as we can. Email us at: cio@tagt.co.kr


Refund conditions

1. We do not accept return or refund for change of mind or unjust reasons, aside wrong item or expired product. In case of damaged items, we will only refund if it is because of poor packaging. We are not responsible of the courier handling risks.

2. All return charges such as shipping fee and refund fees shall be billed to consignee or receiver aside the return shipping and refund charges or fee of expired and wrong items shall be refunded to customer.

3. Customer allows the company and supplier to refund payment or replace item at within ten (10) days for consideration of transit period and remittance lead time.

4. All shipment conditions are FOB (Free on board) or drop off at consolidator in Korea which mean that responsibility and ownership of the goods is transferred to the buyer upon drop off at logistic's point of origin. Proper documentation are handled to the customer and logistics company upon drop off and shipout. Delays on customs clearing and delivery are responsibility of courier. If dispute arises such as nondelivery, company and the supplier must resolve issues within sixty (60) days transit period.


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