Shipping and Delivery


Flexible Shipping

Since we cater B2B customers that often orders in bulk shipments, our shipping options are flexible. In 10 years of experience in international order fulfilment, we find many logistics partners that offer cheap consolidated ocean freight service for bulk orders.

Method 1: Pick-up from or consolidate at warehouse.

As majority of our orders are bulk, customer can pick-up their parcels through their contact shippers and consolidators in Korea. In this method, you will be the one to book the shipping. Or we can arrange shipping by your nominated courier anywhere in Korea.

Alternatively, if you have freight accounts from UPS, USPS, DHL, Fedex, and others, you can make a booking and send us the label.

Check this link to see some of the Shipping Consolidators in Seoul that is used by our customers from over the world.

Method 2: FEDEX, UPS, DHL

For small orders that you want to receive fastest, we offer corporate discounted FEDEX, UPS and DHL that ships from Korea to almost anywhere in the world for 2-3 days only

Method 3: Korea EMS Premium

Korea EMS Premium is a cost effective and efficient shipping method which are mostly fulfilled by air freight companies such as Fedex, DHL and UPS. This method has tracking number and airwaybill.

Method 4: EMS Surface Parcel

This is the ocean freight serviced by EMS. It has bill of lading and shipping receipt number. It has no tracking number and the update will be provide by customer emailing the Korea EMS directly or calling the Korea EMS customer service on the receipt.

Method 5: EMS Kpacket

This is cheapest method for ordering retail or 1 pc item.

Method 6: Other international flight shipping services

Some countries in Asia and Middle East provides discounted air cargo services. If available in your country, it will appear on your shipping option when you check out.

Method 7: Fixed sized sea cargo boxes

Some countries in Asia provides discounted sea cargo services in fix sixed boxes. If available in your country, it will appear on your shipping option when you check out.


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